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Grape Seed Extract

What is FitGrapeTM?

"Kosher" is a Hebrew word that literally means "fit" or "proper." FitgrapeTM is a high-end grape seed extract Skyherb developed using grape seed processed according to Judaism's religious law, specifically, Jewish dietary laws (kashrut). 


90-100 Proanthocyanidins by Beta-Smith

75-95% Polyphenols by Folin-C

Kosher food consumers worldwide:


* Data from High Beam Research 2007 and Mintel Group 2008)

When you choose FitGrapeTM, you choose cleanness and pureness.

When grape seeds used as raw materials of FitgrapeTM are washed, preserved and sold commercially, they must have the hechsher ("seal of approval") of a kosher supervising agency or organization, 

or of an authoritative rabbi who is preferably also a  posek ("decisor" of Jewish law) or be supervised by a beth din ("Jewish religious court of law").

To ensure the quality of FitGrapeTM, the entire process, from raw material to finished product requires strict rabbinical supervision: only kosher grape seeds can be used, production base must conform to the regulations; regular visits and inspections are required in the production base during the whole process. Most of the certification procedures are expected to take several years.

A brief history of kosher grape seeds:

Grape seeds, as the byproduct of wine and grape juice, whose fate was determined by the evolution of identification of wine and grape juice according Judaism's religious law.

In the 1960s, the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards approved a responsum ("legal ruling") by Rabbi Israel Silverman on this subject. Silverman noted that some classical Jewish authorities believed that Christians are not considered idolaters, and that their products cannot be considered forbidden in this regard. Based on 15th–19th century precedents in the Responsa literature, he concluded that wines manufactured by this automated process may not be classified as wine "manufactured by gentiles", and thus are not prohibited by Jewish law. So the grape seed extracts faced its first outbreak in kosher certificated products, including beverages, dietary supplement and tablets. 

However, since wine was and still is used in many forms of idolatrous worship, it has a unique status in Jewish law, which places extra restrictions on the making and handling of wine. This includes wine used for non-ceremonial purposes. Therefore,the production and handling of kosher grape seed must be done exclusively by Jews. The grape seed separated from grape juice must remain solely in 

Jewish hands during the manufacturing process and also after the sealing of the drums. 

FitgrapeTM is grape seed extract produced according to Judaism's religious law, specifically, Jewish dietary laws (kashrut).

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