Guarana Extract

Guarana Extract



Guarana is a remarkable superfruit that thrives in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Our Guarana extract is a natural solution for caffeine enrichment, sustainably sourced and gently processed to preserve its potent benefits.


Why Choose Our Guarana Extract

Wide Range of Potency: From 1% to 22% caffeine, tailor-made to your needs.

Immerse in the Energizing Essence of Brazilian Origin

Sustainably Sourced

Gently Processed

Our guarana extract stands as an impeccable choice, boasting an enticing caffeine content ranging from 10% to 22%. Harvested from the heart of Brazil, our extract encapsulates the rich heritage and vibrant vitality of this region. Choose our guarana extract as your preferred solution, as it effortlessly aligns with your quest for sustained energy and holistic well-being.


Guarana Extract: Nurturing a Balanced Lifestyle

Our guarana extract unveils its potential to invigorate and enhance. Beyond being a source of energy, our guarana extract is aligned with a range of wellness functions, creating a holistic platform to nurture a balanced lifestyle:

● Revitalize with Natural Energy

● Support Physical Vitality

● Embrace Inner Beauty

● Safeguard Cellular Health

● Enhance Nutrient Absorption

● Elevate Mood and Focus

● Promote Joint Health