Stevia Extract

Stevia Extract



Derived from the Stevia rebaudiana plant, a small shrub native to South America, our Stevia Extract offers an exquisite touch of sweetness that nature intended. Harvested from select plantations, our Stevia leaves hold the key to guilt-free indulgence.


Why Choose Our Stevia Extract

Custom Specification:

● Rebaudioside A 95%-99%

● Rebaudioside D 95%

● Rebaudioside M 95%

● Stevioside 30%~90%

● Total Steviol Glycosides 65%%~90%

Naturally Extracted, Non-Fermented


Understanding steviol glycosides

Stevia Extract's magic lies in its steviol glycosides, the natural compounds responsible for its sweetness. Our extraction process ensures the concentration of these glycosides is perfectly balanced, creating a delightful and healthy sweetness profile. These glycosides not only offer a satisfying taste but also promote better glucose management, making it an ideal choice for the health-conscious.


Stevia Extract to Support Health and Wellness

● Zero Calories, All Pleasure

● Blood Sugar Friendly

● Tooth-Friendly

● Versatile Sweetness: From beverages to baked goods, our Stevia Extract enhances your creations without compromising on taste.