Sophora Japonica Extract

Sophora Japonica Extract



For centuries, the blossoms of the Sophora japonica tree have been cherished in traditional Asian wellness practices. Skyherb's Sophora Japonica Extract harnesses the essence of this revered botanical to provide you with a holistic well-being solution.


Why Choose Our Sophora Japonica Extract?

Custom Specification:

Rutin(NF11, DAB, Granule)

Raw material meticulously sourced

Uncompromising Quality Standards

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Understanding Rutin

Rutin, also known as vitamin P, is a natural flavonoid compound found in various plant sources, including apples, figs, buckwheat and green tea. With its unique properties, rutin has gained significant recognition for its numerous health benefits. As a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, rutin supports overall wellness and promotes a healthy lifestyle.


Rutin to Support Health and Wellness

● Antioxidant Protection

● Cardiovascular Health

● Anti-Inflammatory Support

● Skin Health

● Eye Health