Apple Extract

Apple Extract



Apples have earned their reputation as a nutritional powerhouse. With a rich history of nourishing and delighting, apples are a symbol of health and happiness. Derived from the Malus pumila mill, the common apple tree, our Apple Extract encapsulates the essence of nature's vitality, and preserves its potent goodness.


Why Choose Our Apple Extract

Custom Specification:

● Polyphenols 50%-80%

● Proanthocyanidin B2 1%-5%

● Phloretin up to 95%

Fresh Harvests

Locally Sourced


Understanding Phloretin

As a key active compound within our apple extract, phloretin emerges as a star contributor to health. Renowned for its antioxidant prowess, phloretin engages in protection against oxidative stress. By promoting cellular health and reducing inflammation, it stands as a powerful ally for overall well-being. Additionally, phloretin could be an excellent flavor modifier with low intrinsic taste for masking bitterness and enhancing sweetness.


Apple Extract to Support Health and Wellness

● Antioxidant Support

● Metabolic Boost

● Heart Harmony

● Guardians of Immunity

● Cellular Health

● Glucose Managemen

● Skin Radiance