Yundong Shao M.Sc.,MBA

Founder, Chairman

Mr. Shao has dedicated himself to the research and development of natural ingredients for over 14 years, specializing in the isolation of active components from natural plant sources. After his graduation as a biology student, he was recruited to work for one of the largest plant extract manufacturers in China, and made his way to the R&D director through arduous work. Mr. Shao now holds a master degree in natural medicine as well as an MBA, from Zhejiang University. Throughout Mr. Shao鈥檚 study and career, he has directed 4 national projects and 3 patents, and published more than 10 studies. Mr. Shao also teaches phytochemistry in Zhejiang University of Science & Technology as a guest professor, and serves as panel member of Zhejiang 151 Technology Talent Project.

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