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  • Skyherb Inspected by FDA
  • Date:2019-09-12
  • As a dedicated botanical extract manufacturer specializes in natural ingredients extraction for over 14 years. Skyherb has grown to be a major supplier to the US market. As part of its FSMA compliance oversight, Skyherb’s facility underwent FDA inspection in late August. Skyherb will further strive to improve its product quality and service for its overseas customers.
  • Skyherb’s Chief Scientist Delivered Keynote Speech at 2019 National Beverage Industry Forum
  • Date:2019-05-15
  • On April 19th, the 2019 Development Forum of China's Botanic Beverage Industry was successfully held in Haikou, Hainan. Chinese beverage giants such as Pepsi China, Yili, Yangshengtang (NongfuShan Spring), Yinlu Group, Wang Laoji and Vitamin Milk have gathered to discuss the development of this industry. Prof. Yan Weidong, the Chief Scientist of Skyherb and Dean of Enterprise Research Institute was honored to be a guest speaker, and delivered a speech on "Functional Botanic Ingredients - Re-interpretation of Functional Botanic Drinks".
  • SQF Certification Issued to Skyehrb
  • Date:2015-12-17
  • Anji, China, Oct 23th, 2015 -- Skyherb, a dedicated botanical ingredient manufacturer, announced today it has been awarded the Safe Quality Foods (SQF) – Level 3 Comprehensive Food Safety and Quality Management System Certification by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI), a globally trusted and accepted food safety and quality program. "Skyherb has always been dedicated to being China’s industry leader in quality and food safety, and the achievement of this certification affirms our commitment to creating and maintaining the industry's highest food safety standards," said Cloudeast Shao, President of Skyherb Ingredients. "Furthermore, while we are thrilled to be one of the very few companies to pass one of the most rigorous global certifications available, it comes with the realization that everyone at Skyherb has woven these standards into our culture and how we fulfill our promise to take better care of customers than anyone else" SQF certification is achieved when a company demonstrates exceptional quality control and food safety practices. A qualified inspector conducts a third-party audit to evaluate aspects of a company's food safety program, including personnel practices, food safety programs and plant maintenance and cleanliness. The certification also provides validation to many national and international retailers and food service providers by demonstrating that a company follows food safety programs. The SQF Program was launched in 1994 and is administered by the SQF Institute, a division of the Food Marketing Institute (FMI). SQF is one of the certification systems recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), which links primary production certification to food manufacturing, distribution and agent/broker management certification About Skyherb: Skyherb is a leading botanical extract manufacturer in China. Founded in 2006 in Hangzhou, China, Skyherb prides itself in serving dietary supplement, personal care and food industry. Skyherb’s main products include grape seed, green tea, apple, ginseng and rhodiola extracts.
  • Tibe-origin Maca Extract to be featured at FIA 2015
  • Date:2015-08-26
  • Maca is a plant that grows in central Peru in the high plateaus of the Andes mountains. It has been cultivated as a vegetable crop in Peru for at least 3000 years. Maca is a relative of the radish and has an odor similar to butterscotch. Its root is used to make medicine. Skyherb sources its maca from Tibetan Plateau which features the same climatic and geological conditions as that of Peru. The even harsher environment triggers the protection mechanism within maca to generate a higher concentration of bioactive components. Skyherb will be officially launching maca ratio extract as well as standardized extract with macamides and macaene, to accommodate customers from dietary supplement and food industry.
  • Chinese Crack down on Gingko
  • Date:2015-08-26
  • From:Nutraingredients.com July-09-2015 The Chinese Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has taken action against local suppliers found to be engaged in supplying substandard versions of the botanical, ginkgo biloba. Ningbo Lihua Pharmaceutical Company supplied the sub-par materials to 24 Chinese food supplement and pharmaceutical manufacturers, the CFDA said. The agency issued a recall on all products using the extracts at the end of May and called for all products to be destroyed, according to Beijing-based Jeff Crowther, executive director of US-China Healthcare Products Association. The CFDA raised the red flags because it took issue with hydrochloric acid extraction used in the batches instead of the traditional method – homeopathic alcohol. Local authorities have been instructed to target ginkgo products and have them tested for unauthorised manufacturing processes. Firms that purchased the materials included Yunnan Baiyao and Xingda, according to local media reports. Yunnan Baiyao said it had purchased 6.9 tonnes but said it did not have to issue a recall of products as it did not formulate the extracts before the CFDA issued its warning. Other firms that purchased extracts include Shenzhen Neptunus Pharmaceutical, Wuxi Pharmaceutical, Jiang Su Runbang Pharmaceutical, Guangdong Global Pharmaceutical, Hunan Hansen Pharmaceutical and Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group. It is estimated more than 200 million tablets have been recalled. Despite the recalls, no adverse health effects were reported in relation to the extracts.Ginkgo is typically marketed for its energy-giving benefits and wellness benefits.
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